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Vibrational Healing

Do you know how much affect subconscious programs running in your mind right now are having on your life? Do you have any idea how much these programs create or support dis-ease in entering your body, mind and spirit? Do you believe, that most dis-eases are triggered by your e-motions and thoughts as responses to your experiences? My thesis is that seventy percent of the cause of dis-ease comes from past responses to life experiences. The balance is from the present life's experience.

The Vibrational Healing system I use integrates work of Hanna Kroeger, Robert Detzler, Dale Olson and my own work. It incorporates changing the form and substance of thoughts and physical states from ones of discordance to ones of wellness on as many levels of health as possible. When a person requests healing work, their conscious mind is giving me permission to act with their Higher Self (their I AM). So my Higher Self connects with theirs as I research and apply the healing techniques that arise to deal with their particular issues.

Through the use of pendulum dowsing, intuition and charts, I have helped people work through and release past life programs, subconscious thoughts and e-motions, which were negatively affecting their lives. I also dowse people's auras to create a ninety-point physical checkup of their major organs, body systems and toxins. This allows me to evaluate changes that occur in the physical body as well as changes in their other levels of consciousness. After establishing this baseline, I pray for my Higher Self and theirs to connect with Spirit to create necessary changes. When I am done praying, most of the healing vibration is sent. Sometimes, however my guides and angels continue to work for a longer period of time.

I call this process Vibrational Healing, because I believe all life and all healing techniques are some form of vibration. Hence any healing in any way, style, or application is some kind of vibration. This includes sound, color, thought, herbal, drug, touch, aroma and flavor therapies.

At times I am moved to or asked to do some Vibrational Healing on a third party. In these cases I need to ask permission of that party's Higher Self before any work is done.

One example I will share was a request from a mother in Colorado to do a distance healing for her daughter in New York. She was concerned that her daughter was anorexic because of her desire to be slim for acting and modeling. The result of the Vibrational Healing was that when the girl phoned her mother four days after the work was done (their regular Saturday morning chat), the daughter said, "Mom, I think I have a problem with my weight." Her mother almost cried with the joy she felt. She had been concerned for four years, however her daughter had not been open to talking about her health until that moment.

This is only one example of several hundred clients where there has been some degree of healing work accomplished. This example shows how conscious and subconscious thought processes can control actions and life decisions even when they are to the detriment of a person's health. Through Vibrational Healing progress was made and lifestyle changes occurred.

David C. Loree works under the name of Integrated Body Therapy based in his home in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. He conducts his therapy work with hands on healing, essential oils, and energy work and teaches classes and workshops to enhance the health of individuals and hence the planet. He can be reached at (780)464-9649.

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